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The mind can often heal itself naturally, in the same way as the body does.  Much of this natural coping mechanism occurs during sleep, particularly during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.


EMDR utilizes this natural healing ability of your body. After a thorough assessment, eye movements, similar to those during REM sleep, will be recreated simply by asking you to watch the therapist’s finger moving backwards and forwards across your visual field. The eye movements will last for a short while and then stop. You will be asked to discuss the experiences you had during each set of eye movements. Experiences during a session may include changes in thoughts, images and feelings.

During EMDR treatment, you will remain in control, fully alert and wide-awake. This is not a form of hypnosis and you can stop the process at any time. Throughout the session, the therapist will support and facilitate your own self-healing and intervene as little as possible. Most people experience EMDR as being a natural and very empowering therapy.


Most of the time your body routinely manages new information and experiences without you being aware of it. However, when something out of the ordinary occurs and you are traumatized by an overwhelming event (e.g. a car accident) or by being repeatedly subjected to distress (e.g. childhood neglect), your natural coping mechanism can become overloaded. This overloading causes unprocessed memories and feelings to be stored in the limbic system of your brain in a “raw” and emotional form, rather than in a verbal “story” mode.

This limbic system maintains traumatic memories in an isolated memory network that is associated with emotions and physical sensations, rather than storing them correctly in the brain’s cortex where we use language to store memories.  EMDR helps create the connections between your brain’s memory networks, enabling your brain to process the traumatic memory in a very natural way.


For additional resources, please visit,, or ask your therapist for suggestions of other handouts, articles, or websites. Please remember, EMDR is a highly specialized therapy and all questions regarding EMDR therapy should be discussed directly with your EMDR trained therapist.

Personal Development Program

Our Personal Development Program is designed to address the common challenges that interfere with our ability to succeed. Though each workshop is focused on overcoming a common concern, our clients receive individualized results. We use an interactive approach to bring your personal goals to the forefront, while helping you find clarity and confidence in moving forward to achieve them.

No two workshops are the same. Our Personal Development Program is offered as a full year program, with each month reviewing a different topic area. Clients have the option of attending all twelve workshops and completing the entire program or selecting only those topics that they feel ready to pursue in attending on a month to month basis.

Personal Development is always an individualized experience and we encourage our clients to take ownership of this process. This is why we have divided our program in to twelve monthly pieces and have invited clients to choose which areas they are seeking growth. Our workshops are designed to multiply your personal growth and success – therefore, what you get out of your program is completely dependent on what you put in.


GeneSight is a genetic test that identifies how your body processes certain types of medication. This information helps your healthcare provider make important decisions about the medications you are prescribed.


Is the GeneSight test right for you?

  • Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health conditions?
  • Are you taking medication that doesn’t seem to be working well for you?
  • Are any of your medications causing unwanted side effects?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask us about scheduling a GeneSight test.

When your doctor can give you the right medication as quickly as possible, you can avoid repeated medical appointments and missed work. More importantly, you can get back to your everyday life, feeling like yourself again. With GeneSight testing, your journey toward a better medication couldn’t be easier. GeneSight eliminates the time, cost, and frustration that comes with months of trial in error in selecting appropriate medications.


Your DNA knows how your body responds to medications, so with GeneSight, your clinician can steer clear of medication that may cause side effects or be less effective. This innovative technology analyzes your DNA and helps your doctor get a clearer understanding of what medication might work best based on your genetic makeup.

This simple test can help you escape the cycle of trial and error and help you find the right medication. After you take the test, your clinician receives a report showing how your genes may impact the effectiveness of different medications. Then, your doctor can choose the medication best suited for you.