Four Podcasts on Living With Loss

Four Podcasts on Living With Loss

One of our favorite ways to relax is by turning on a good podcast while taking a stroll around the neighborhood. If you’re working through grief or loss this holiday season, we’d encourage you to bundle up and take a gentle stroll while listening to one of these wonderful shows. Each one includes stories from mental health professionals, and those who have suffered loss themselves. Through compassion, humor, and education, they may help ease the loneliness and pain of losing a loved one.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

In 2014, within the span of six weeks, host Nora McInerny lost her husband and father to cancer, and miscarried for the second time. She is no stranger to tragedy–to death’s cruel unpredictability. This podcast is one of the ways Nora works with her own grief. Each week, she interviews someone who has experienced life-altering tragedy. Together, Nora and her interviewees talk death, loss and working through trauma. Nora has created a podcast that gently probes the dark bits of our lives with compassion, humor, and love.

Grief Works

Hosted by Julia Samuel, a therapist specializing in grief and loss, Grief Works aims to bring light to the taboo topics of death and dying. Samuel interviews people about their experiences with death, and uncovers the ways it’s misunderstood and, often, ignored in our culture. By bringing light to these stories, Samul shows us how to deal with life after loss.

The What’s Your Grief Podcast

In this podcast, mental health professionals Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams demystify the complex and terrifying experience of living life after loss. Covering grief theory, and practical tips for coping, Haley and Williams provide relatable, informative and engaging information for mental health professionals and grievers alike.

The Mindfulness & Grief Podcast

This podcast looks at the intersection of grief and so many other topics–from eating disorders and substance abuse, to yoga and creativity. Host Heather Stang–a yoga therapist and master of arts in death, dying and bereavement–offers compassionate insights for life after loss, and features interviews with grief experts & authors.

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