March Book of the Month: Hold Me Tight

March Book of the Month: Hold Me Tight

This month’s book is Dr. Sue Johnson’s, “Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.” Johnson teaches that enriching relationships are rooted in safe emotional connection and healthy attachment bonds. Through case studies from her practice, illuminating advice, and practical exercises, couples will learn how to nurture their relationships and ensure a lifetime of love. The seven conversations couples are encouraged to engage in are:

  1. Recognizing Demon Dialogues—In the first conversation, couples are challenged to identify the negative or harmful comments they make that obstruct their true desires and feelings.
  2. Finding the Raw Spots—This conversation encourages couples to notice their triggers and turn inwards to better understand when and why they react rather than respond.
  3. Revisiting a Rocky Moment—Here, couples are invited to gently revisit a past argument, using techniques that facilitate de-escalation and repair. These techniques lay the foundation for greater emotional safety.
  4. Hold Me Tight—The heart of the program: this conversation moves partners into being more open, emotionally responsive, and engaged with each other.
  5. Forgiving Injuries—According to Johnson, emotional injuries within couples are opportunities for connection. Knowing how to find and offer forgiveness empowers couples to strengthen their bond.
  6. Bonding Through Sex and Touch—Good sex and emotional connection have a reciprocal relationship—they influence each other. Learn how to foster them simultaneously for a more satisfying partnership.
  7. Keeping Your Love Alive—The last conversation is built on the premise that love is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection; it asks couples to be deliberate and mindful about maintaining connection.


If you’re looking to build a stronger relationship and connection with your partner, Sue Johnson’s “Hold Me Tight” provides an excellent roadmap. A licensed mental health counselor can also assist you in creating more meaningful relationships.

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